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Term1 Exam English1
Arvind LavindranAkshra Rana

Term1 Exam English1

English Exam For Grade 1 - Term 1

Mathematics 1
Akshra Rana

Mathematics 1

This Learner’s Book is a supplementary resource that
consolidates and reinforces mathematical learning
alongside the Cambridge Primary Mathematics
Teacher’s Resource 1 (9781107656833). It acts as a useful
consolidation tool for the learners by providing points
for discussion to develop problem-solving skills and
support learning through discovery and discussion.
Rote learning and drill exercises are avoided.
Ideally, a session should be taught using the appropriate
Core activity in the Teacher’s Resource 1, with the
Learner’s Book page open during the session as a visual
reference and/or guide for the learner. ere are
sometimes simple questions or activities that could be
used to assess learner understanding. ere is a single
page corresponding to each Core activity in the Teacher’s
Resource 1 printed book. e Core activity that the page
relates to is indicated at the bottom of the page.